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Friday Work Wear

Casual Friday! Today, I had planned on meeting with a potential sponsor for my nonprofit so I wore more work-appropriate attire than I typically would for a Friday. Around my office, Fridays are casual. Company tee shirts and jeans with sneakers are usually the go-to. My meeting fell through but I’m still comfortable wearing what…

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Just a Normal Tuesday

It’s just a normal day around here. I stayed a little later at my house to greet the deck builder and see what he has in mind for our addition. Then I spoke to the orthodontist to make a second opinion appointment for my youngest because braces are fun. And now I’m sitting at my…

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Leopard Pony Hair Booties

I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear these. They’re too fabulous and out-there for me, or so I thought. My husband bought them for me for Christmas last year and I loved them right away but also thought they brought too much attention to me. I don’t enjoy the limelight, typically. I used to,…

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