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Too Much of a Good Thing?

I’ve often been told I’m too much. Too loud, too overbearing, too mean. I tell it like it is, frequently. I don’t necessarily try to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am too old to pussyfoot around what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m calling this my #yearoftruth and I’m not afraid to call people out on…

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The Mama Meltdown

I recently had a Mama Meltdown. You know the kind. You’re stressed. You’re under pressure from the day and one tiny little thing just sets you off. For me, it was my adult-sized son pooping in his pants. He didn’t make a huge mess. It certainly could’ve been worse but the code brown, while I…

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Tips for Air Travel With Kids and Kids With Special Needs

We are traveling again. Soon, our family of four will be packing up and heading out to a family wedding. This entails us (me) packing for four people, planning the dog’s stay at Grandma’s house while we’re gone, and of course, making all of the travel arrangements. The hubs tries to help, but honestly, he’s…

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