Feminism and Self-Love

I believe feminism IS self-love for women. It's not just about equality for all women, it's also about recognizing our own power and the power in other women. When women work together, we make changes and beautiful things happen.

A Purpose Filled Life

People go through their childhoods just living life to the fullest each day. Living in ...
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Is Negative Thinking Sabotaging Your Happy Life?

The short answer is yes. If you spend your time feeling negative, and thinking bad ...
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Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Once upon a time, I was a kid who was strong-willed and bull-headed, two adjectives ...
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Empowering Women is Redundant

Redundancy. So many books, blogs, songs, poems, etc are written about "empowering women" and "women's ...
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Looking Forward & Making Changes

In the last couple weeks of December, I usually start a list of the things ...
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Turning the Other Cheek is Hard AF

I try. I really try to scroll on past when I see bullshit posted. I ...
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Dealing With Stress & Anxiety During a Pandemic

I am a stressed out momma of two. One teenager with special needs. One pre-teen ...
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Why “Finding Yourself” is Bullshit

You Can't Find Something That Isn't Lost. Unpopular opinion: I have been struggling for the ...
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My Super Awesome Playlist

I recently posted a playlist I found on Pinterest for a happy/pick-me-up kinda day and ...
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