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I am first and foremost a mom of two (one adult with special needs, and one neurotypical teen) and the wife of Joel Eckman. Joel and I started our own digital marketing agency in 2014, after years of partnering in advertising in Lexington Kentucky, and Ocala Florida.

We moved our family to the Twin Cities Minnesota to be closer to family and raise our kids in the Midwest.

I'm just a strong-willed, outspoken, outgoing, southern girl living in the Midwest for the love of a good man. As my photos will attest, I change my hairstyle frequently.

I am a problem solver, I love organization, checking items off my to-do list, and creating spreadsheets. There has never been a problem that a spreadsheet couldn't solve. I am a planner and fixer. All of these attributes make me a gifted project manager. I handle projects from the beginning twinkle-in-your-mind stage to the very end: launch. 

Have a project you're thinking about and don't know where to start? Have another problem you need help with? Fill out my contact form and let's chat about it! 

**I share a lot about our family life on my social media pages so if you're interested, go give 'em a follow. I talk about our life with our adult son who lives with a developmental disability (he functions at a toddler level), our neurotypical sassy & theater-loving teen daughter, and our two dogs, Abby and Beau.

Brandy with her husband Joel, son Jamie, and daughter Riley
Brandy with her husband Joel, son Jamie, and daughter Riley

be beautifully you

In my business life, I am a digital marketer and co-owner of Sans Terra.

Sans Terra creates easy, in-your-face access to personalized training based on your custom configuration of software and systems such as HubSpot, MS 365, Google Workspace,, Adobe Products, SolidWorks Visualize, Google Ads, and more!

We build and maintain websites, handle all digital marketing aspects for many of our clients, and like to say "When it comes to the web, we can help." It's true - there isn't much we haven't seen and working with our network of digital creators, there isn't much we can't fix or make better.

Sans Terra is the owner of the proprietary process Stamp Your Brand - creating and correcting your business's digital footprint across the web.

We are problem-solvers. Fixers, disruptors, creators, marketers, and jack-of-all-trades when it comes to managing and coaching businesses.

We Believe Business Is Personal

People do business with people they trust. What could be more personal than that?

With Sans Terra, you will work with a knowledgeable team that answers questions promptly and is fully invested in your success. We believe treating others with respect and kindness is the most essential aspect of a business's success.

Brandy Eckman - Wife, Mom, Digital Marketing Expert
Brandy Eckman - Wife, Mom, Digital Marketing Expert

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