Loving the Life You Live!

We hear a lot about living your best life and how certain products can help make that happen. Makeup, essential oils, the right clothes, losing weight, shakes, and so many diets, etc.

There really is a plethora of information on how to be just right by society's standards.

Be Real And Never Doubt Yourself

I think the trick to living your best life is to LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE. No matter what is going on. Even with my anxiety and depression, I've had to learn to really LOVE this life I've built.

It has been hard, complicated work. It has in no way been a task for the faint of heart. I have to remind myself that I love me, even when I'm 10 pounds too heavy, my hair is having a bad day, and my anxiety is out of control. I do the dirty work to look deep into my soul and remember who I am and what I stand for.

Years ago, I started out blogging about my life with my kids, one of whom has special needs, and the other one is neurotypical.

I still blog about my depression and anxiety, life as a stay at home mom, growing a business with my husband, and our marriage.

I realized that my true passion was helping women love themselves, and their lives, as they are and where they are. Through my own faith, and using the things I learned from my Grandma when I was a kid, I've come to realize that the only way to live your best life is to love every aspect of your life, even the daily mundane chores.

Even when you don't want to get out of bed. Even when you're overwhelmed with the chaos of kids and errands and work and responsibilities, this is the life you have - so you should love what you have right where you are. Strive for more - but love where you are, in the day to day, in the dark times and beautiful fun times.

Living a Life You LOVE!

The first step is to start with an eye on the things that you absolutely hate and find some sort of silver lining or a way to change those things. It's easy to love the fun and good stuff. It takes hard work to love - or at least find a benefit of -even the shitty stuff.

I hate cleaning the house, so I hired someone to take that responsibility off of me. I hated the fact that I spent an entire weekend cleaning up after everyone in my household with very little help unless I was screaming like a banshee. So, I decided to hire a housecleaner to keep my weekends free.

The second step is to know that you won't always love everything but to give yourself Grace to get through the days.

Inside, you will read supportive posts, uplifting stories, and my take on daily life. Depression and anxiety are a part of my life, and so many other's lives so I tend to speak on that and find ways to keep going.

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