A Little Bit About Our Family

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I am married to Joel, a pretty amazing husband and father. We have been married over 20 years.

We have two children. Jamie is our oldest and he has cerebral palsy and is on the autism spectrum. He is nonverbal. Riley is our youngest. She is in high school and is in love with theater.

Abby is our Jack Russell/Dachshund mix pound puppy who is in her teens. Our standard poodle, Beauregard, is cute enough to get away with being on the furniture.

Lino Living Magazine Feature Family

Gritty & Grateful Our family was recently featured in the Lino Living Magazine, the locally ...
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Empty Nest Be Damned.

We've had a couple of rough weeks around my house with some health issues popping ...
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Special Needs Future Planning

What Worries Me Most About the Future: Jamie functions at 18 - 24 months level. ...
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I must be doing something right.

There are days when I wonder what I'm doing with my life. And truth be ...
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Eckmans’ 2021 Photos

Click on the photos to go to the Google albums & check out some of ...
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2021 Year in Review

Seasons Greetings! 2021 did not disappoint for the Eckman family! We enjoyed lots of family ...
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2020 Wasn’t So Bad

I realize I'm speaking from my privileged place when I say that. For a lot ...
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Where God guides, He provides

Joel and I are very different people. He is more relaxed and goes with the ...
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On The Road Again

As we are wont to do, we are moving again. Amelia Island, Florida Our family ...
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