I have spent the last few years trying to not offend anyone because I was taught to have manners.

But I have come to realize that I have a voice and opinions and beliefs that God put in me to share. So I’m going to do just that from now on. I haven’t been my true self on social media and I haven’t done a great job at promoting my blog because of that. I felt that if I was my true self, I would lose readers or not gain any at all. I was afraid to put myself out there.

I was wrong.

What happens is, if you’re not your authentic self (Thanks, Oprah) people can tell. They know you’re just writing shit just to write, not because you are truly passionate about it. I have been writing just to write the last few years. It’s probably why I don’t write as often as I’d like – because I felt that people wouldn’t care about my opinion, and I would turn too many people off.

But, now I’m 41 and I honestly DGAF if people don’t like me.

You see, this is my blog. It’s my place to write what I want, what I feel. How I see the world. If that means I lose readers, so be it. Not that there are a ton of you out there anyway. Even most of my Facebook friends don’t follow my blog. I try to be supportive of them and their efforts, but whatevs. If you want to write your opinions, etc., go get your own blog.

One thing I will always do is give my opinions/beliefs in a tactful, kind, and respectful manner. I will listen to dissenting viewpoints. I will not shout anyone down, but I will also stand tall in my beliefs, knowing that it is my truth. That is my promise to you. It’s how I raise my kids, and it’s how I live my private life.

With that in mind, you will see some changes in my blogs and social media posts in the coming days. It’s just me, finding my voice after several years of trying to please everyone. I mean, I’m a mom, after all. That’s what we do, take care of others and neglect ourselves somewhat. From here on out, that’s over as far as my blog is concerned. My family can still expect me to drop everything for them. 🙂

There may be political and religion based posts. As a mom, I can no longer afford to keep quiet about what affects my family. I make my opinion heard at the voting booth, but I have this nifty platform to put to good use, and I intend to do just that.

If you can no longer read my blog or follow my page, I get it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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