What if love and kindness was the reigning quality of life in the world?

What if everyone put someone else before themselves?

What if life was full of good and bad and everyone kept moving forward?

What if you learned something new every day?

What if you could see the silver lining?

What if you tried for one minute, to see what living as a black person was like?

What if when things fell apart you could see that the falling apart was really a coming together?

What if you gave of yourself instead of taking from others?

What if you treated others with the loving-kindness you deserve?

What if you chose to grow instead of staying the same?

What if, instead of saying "What about me?" you said, "Let's pull together and help!"

What if you used this year to do something radical?

What if you finally made the big change you've been thinking about?

What if?

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