I recently did a little online shopping to get myself ready for an epic family-filled summer.

We are fully vaccinated up in here and ready to spend time with family and friends doing fun summer things! In anticipation of that, I have purchased a couple of dresses, a new bralette, and some swimsuits (my current swimsuit is now 7 years old and while it still fits I was ready for a new style).

For reference I wear a 32H bra, size M-L tops depending on the brand and cut, and I fluctuate between a size 8-10 jean (I adore the Kut from the Kloth brand jeans). I am 5'6" and weigh anywhere from 160-170 pounds.

Kicking Things Off With Dresses

This dress is from Bravissimo, which is a clothing store where women with larger breasts can find lingerie, clothing, and swimsuits to fit their size. I love this store because I can finally get button-down shirts that don't gap open between the buttons and dresses that fit the top and bottom of me.

This is the IRIS dress and it retails for $110. I don't often find dresses that fit me this well due to the fact that any dress that fits my breasts typically makes me look like I'm wearing a tent or a maternity dress. This dress doesn't do that, plus IT HAS POCKETS! I don't know why we women love that but we do.

If you're looking for a dress to wear to a wedding or a brunch, this is it. It's a lovely color and also comes in white with lilac flowers print. I got this dress in a 10 Really Curvy size and it's just a touch snug on my shoulders (thanks deltoid exercises!). I will have it taken out just a bit to fix that issue.

Not all dresses are created equal.

This is the Button-Front Denim dress from Bravissimo. It retails for $120. I loved the look of it online but when I put it on, I hated it. Despite the smile in the photo, this dress was not a win for me and I ultimately sent it back. However, I will say that there is ample room in the bossom for anyone who is looking for that kind of fit.

I ordered this dress in a size 10 Really Curvy as well, and the bust was too large in the front, the belt was just awful on me (I may have thought about putting on a different belt but opted to keep the one it came with for this photo shoot), and the length and color are just not right for me at all. The color washes out my pale complexion even more, and the length falls right at the worst spot for my legs, making me appear more top-heavy than I actually am, while the straps do nothing for my arms. It looks even worse from the back. I promise. Anyway, this went back to Bravissimo. Swing and a miss for me.

Now onto Swimsuits!

This first swimsuit is one I will wear a lot, I think. This is the Fantasie Ottawa Underwire Twist Front Swimsuit.

It's bra-sized and I found it on Amazon. I trust the Fantasie brand as I have purchased swimsuits, sports bras, and everyday bras from them in the past. They are built to last.

The underwire provides enough support that I am not tugging my girls back into place every time I take a dip in the pool or lean over. When I'm on the beach, nobody wants to see this 45-year-old mom adjusting her boobs, except maybe her husband. 😉

I like how it doesn't accentuate my mommy tummy, with its shirred sides. It also has adjustable leg bands so you can make them higher or lower, depending on your desires. This is a fully lined swimsuit.

The next swimsuit is the Kotu by Fantasie. I will be putting this one into the rotation and I think it'll be one I wear every year. I absolutely love it. I am usually very critical of myself, especially in a swimsuit, but this one is a keeper, fo' sho'.

It is fully lined, with the slimming shirring on the side and adjustable leg bands. Perfectly supportive underwire cups and bra-sizing. It's going to be my go-to suit this year. I love the fun print!

A bralette that might work?

I, like so many of you, am always on the hunt for a bralette that looks cute under tank tops and off-the-shoulder tops, but more importantly, is supportive. I don't want the uni-boob look, nor do I want to be floppy and hanging down to my belly button. The perils of the big-boob life are real. I feel like these bralettes are best for women with implants or smaller breasts than I have. My boobs just aren't as perky as they once were.

Wearing a non-supportive bra is one thing I absolutely hate. So, I am always on the lookout for a bralette that might work. I have yet to find one for me, but perhaps this one will work for someone out there.

I had so much hope for this bra because it's so cute! And the reviews were so positive. I thought maybe I would keep it for sleeping, but opted out of that because I'd already spent my money on the above swimmies. My husband thanks me for the refund. Haha.

This bra fastens at the back, has cute straps and a low profile in the back for a fun open back blouse or tank, and a nice wide band to help keep the girls up. It comes in black and white and retails for $64 on Bravissimo.com.



I will be reviewing another swimsuit as soon as it arrives and I am looking forward to another great fit! I find when you purchase swimsuits that are quality pieces, just like with bras, they last for a good long while. I don't mind spending the money when they last for 5 years or more.

Let me know if there is another style of swimsuit or some other piece of clothing or brand you'd like me to try for you. I'm always looking for fun new fashion!

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