So today I’ve spent about three hours trying to write.

I’ve written a few paragraphs and then deleted them. That’s not what I wanted to say. Then I wrote a couple sentences and didn’t like those. Out they go.

I’m stymied. I’m stumped. I’m apparently out of words that mean something besides what I’m currently writing. I’ve never been without words. Those that know me, know that to be truer than true.

Mama’s leaving town.

I guess I’m so overwhelmed right now. I’m trying to plan for my family to be without me for a week. I know they will be in the capable hands of my husband. Just in case, I’ve made lists, written down directions, and grocery shopped for “fling food” as he calls it; meaning food he can throw in the oven and call it a meal. Not exactly healthy, but if I can go on vacation for a week then they can eat junk food for a week. With that in mind, I’ve left enough zofran to keep an army of elephants from having explosive vomiting and diarrhea.

Hoarders live amongst us.

ABC Hoarders

I’m sure they’ll do fine while I’m gone. The hubs will go to work each day (in our home office, of course) and the caregivers will come to take care of the kids. I’m sure there won’t be a huge mess and lots of laundry when I get home. I’m sure of it! Surely SOMEONE will do the dishes and keep the house picked up, right? I just hope it doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders when I get back. There will have to be an intervention if so. A come to Jesus.

In addition to making lists for all of them, I’ve made my own packing lists. I’m heading to the beach for a week so pretty much I need a swim suit and flip flops. Everything else can either be purchased when I get there or it isn’t necessary. I’m feeling sort of spoiled that I get to go on (and also really in need of) this trip. I swear, if I’m not allowed some peace and quiet soon, I may go right off the deep end.

But it’s beach time, baby!

Amelia Island, Florida

That beautiful picture above is where I’m heading in a few days. Just my sister and me. I’ll be in one of those beach chairs, sipping a nice cold beverage, with the ghostly white legs. Maybe I’ll get some sun, maybe I won’t. But either way, I’ll be enjoying my sister-time and the peace and quiet I so desperately need. I’m not excited about the round trip plane rides, but I’m over the moon about being back in my home state.

Anyhoo, that’s why I can’t write today. It’s basically words coming forth and nothing making any coherent sense at all. That about sums it up.

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