So many books, blogs, songs, poems, etc are written about "empowering women" and "women's empowerment" and I just think that's a bunch of bullshit.

I wish we would quit using the phrase "empowered woman". Change that to Powerful Woman. Or Woman with Power.

empower: em-pow-er
verb. to give (someone) the authority or power to do something

I'm about to let you in on a secret:

Women are already powerful.

We don't need anyone to give us the power to be ourselves. To run our lives, our houses, our businesses, ourselves. The mere fact that some of us are sitting around waiting to feel empowered, to have someone empower us, shows that we have been lied to for centuries.

Women have led countries, armies, businesses, religions for millennia.

The media, men, other women, and a whole industry of self-help, diet, and beauty are all working really hard to keep us under their thumbs because that's how they make money. To try to make us feel bad about ourselves because to do so gives them power over us. That bad feeling we have about ourselves helps them sell books, pills, and other shit we don't need that is supposed to transform us into lovable beings that are somehow more worthy when we're thin, beautiful, and cookie-cutter.

We are literally empowering them to reign over us when we allow that behavior to continue.

Other women are sometimes the worst when it comes to keeping women down. Some of us side with the oppressors, like some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. "Woman, know thy place!" they say. They judge us for our clothes, our parenting, our bodies, our marriages, our relationships, our mistakes, and even our wins. Why women can't celebrate when one of us wins is beyond me!

Empowering women isn't a bad thing, it's just unnecessary.

Women are born powerful. We are built to do so much more than society allows us to believe from an early age.

Things we learn about ourselves from others as we get older are: we're too loud, too quiet, too soft, too hard, too smart, not smart enough, too fat, too thin, too blonde, not blonde enough, too fill-in-adjective here. They call us names like ball-buster, shrew, bitch, whore, slut, cunt, frump, battleax, arm candy, old lady, angry, baby mama, bimbo, cock tease, cougar, gold digger, hag, butch, MILF, ho, welfare queen, frigid, twat, feisty, cow, dog, harpy, devil, cum dumpster, and so many others.

Fuck That. You keep being you and if others don't like it, they are not on your team. Dump them and keep moving forward, sis. You and I and all of us have a power that frightens them. That's why they try to reduce us to such base terms. Talk about you, put you down.

They are trying to rise above you. But they'll never get there.

Only you have the power to be you. Nobody else should be telling you who you are, or what you can be. You were made by your creator (whoever that is for you) to be exactly as you are! In the last few years, we've had more body positivity and acceptance of all women, regardless of their sex, and I hope that continues.

I truly believe that if all women were in their power, this world would be a different place.


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