Thankfulness.  It’s something we should all strive for.  If we think we have nothing for which to be thankful, we have a sad life, indeed.  Whenever I start to feel down about something, I try to remind myself of the things I have that are amazing.  For instance, when I feel down about my weight, I think to myself, “Well, I’ve got a nice rack.”

When I think there’s nothing new happening in Jamie’s development, I say to myself, “He’s doing everything he’s supposed to do right now.  It’s all in God’s time.”

Sometimes, I think my husband is messy, but I am thankful he’s here.

I hate my minivan.  I never wanted to drive a stinkin’ minivan.  But that’s what Jamie needs for all of his equipment, etc.  I hate it…but at least it’s a nice one.

I wish I were a size 6 again.  But I have curves, which my husband loves!

It’s cold outside, but it’s warm in my house.

I don’t have a college degree, but I’m doing what I love.  Not many people can say that.

I miss my family, but I have framily here.

I spilled coffee down the front of my shirt.  Maybe it’ll be a new fad.

There’s nothing in my pantry I feel like eating.  But there’s a lot of food in there!

My husband works a lot of hours, but we are able to provide a lot of extras for our kids.

My first Valentine from Riley

See, there are lots of reasons to be down, or searching for more.  But there are so many things for which to be thankful.  It’s all about the silver lining.  If you can’t look around you and find something worth thanking God for (or whomever you thank) then maybe you should take stock of all that you have in your life.  There are little things every day that make me thankful.  The sun trying to peek through the clouds on a rainy day, the way my son tries to say my name, the sound of my kids laughing, the way my husband’s face lights up with a smile when he walks in the door after work, the way his arms feel around me, the sound of Riley reading a book to her brother, the ringing of the phone and my sister’s picture on the screen signaling the call is from her, the sound of my dad’s voice on the other end of the line when I call him, the open arms of my friends when I’m having a down day (which I do have occasionally), the shoulders they offer for me to cry on, the text messaging between friends, the newest Maroon 5 song that gets me moving, the taste of good coffee hitting my tongue first thing in the morning, the comfy bed I lay my tired body on each night, the beautiful antique desk that used to belong to my husband’s great grandfather that I’m currently sitting at, my ability to find things I’m thankful for, and all of you who make writing worthwhile.

Jamie’s thumbprint and signature. Love this!

If you stop and look around, there will always be something to give thanks for.  It doesn’t matter to me if you thank God, or Jehova, or Allah, or Mother Nature (though she and I have had it out recently, we’re still on speaking terms), or whomever.  Just be thankful!  Be thankful that you’re able to be thankful if nothing else.  Look around you, see the beauty, see the silver lining.  Forget about the greener grass across the fence.  You won’t like it when you get there.  Stop and smell the damn roses.  There are people that strive for perfection and when they can’t achieve it (because no one is perfect) they are more disappointed and more disillusioned making them supremely unhappy.  This is a terrible cycle to be in.  I can’t imagine living my life that way.  At some point, you have to stop and say, “Enough is enough.  I have enough.  I’m happy with enough.”

There’s that old story circling the internet about the father and his daughter wishing each other enough.  I have always loved that story.  It’s always touched me in a way I can’t quite put into words without tearing up.  I have lost people close to me throughout my life, the biggest loss being that of my mother.  So this story always makes me think of her since she was a big influence on my life.  She was satisfied with what she had.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t dream and then work hard to achieve those dreams, but you’ll have to also be satisfied with enough.

So, today, on Valentine’s day and this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for all of you.  You are enough.  Go forth and spread the love today, peeps!

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