As many of you know, I had my first experience with Trunk Club a couple weeks back.

It was pretty fun, but probably not for me as the prices are a bit too high, unless of course you don’t mind spending $200 on a pair of jeans.

Because I’m not made of money and as my dad always told me money doesn’t grow on trees, I decided to try something I could control the prices of, which led me to Stitch Fix. I filled out the fun questionnaire in full detail including my preferences for how I like my tops to fit, sizes of every garment they could think of (again the bra sizes only go up to 40DDD – not for those of us who have actually had a proper bra fitting and know that there aren’t many women who actually wear a 40DDD), what my life looks like at work and outside of work, what my family is like, the fun things I like to do, and whether or not I’m looking for night out looks, casual, work wear, or special occasions.

I waited for a MONTH to get my shipment because like a dummy I scheduled it out that far and then couldn’t change it. Like with Trunk Club I kept checking my account online. They didn’t tell me much and I didn’t get a preview like with Trunk Club. I didn’t get the chance to say I didn’t want anything in the shipment. They only send 5 pieces at a time. The way it works is you pay $20 for the styling fee and then they ship you your items that your stylist has picked out – though you never do know who your stylist actually is. There was no personal interaction at all. There’s one small spot where you can give your stylist more info, but it’s at the very end of your questionnaire.

You set the date for when you want your shipment to arrive. I chose the 21st for some crazy reason. Once you receive your shipment, you get 3 business days to try everything on and decide whether you like it or not. If you decide to keep it all you get 25% off your order and the $20 you paid for your styling fee is applied to the balance. If you decide to only keep some you still get your $20 styling fee applied to your order, but no discount. If you decide to send it all back, you’re out your 20 bucks. They make it very easy to return something. A return label is included along with a USPS bag to shove everything you don’t want into it and stuff it into the nearest mailbox. You should definitely go online and let them know what you’re keeping / returning and then your card is charged for what you keep.

So here is what I got in my first Fix – that’s what everyone calls it. I’m hip with the lingo.

In my first Fix, I got one top, one sweater, one faux leather jacket, one super cute vest that I’d actually seen on their Instagram feed (luckily no dead bunnies were involved in this vest!), and one cute pair of pants. I’ll break it down for you below.

The black sweater ($64) was cute but overall too big, and I’d just gotten a new black sweater in the Trend Send from Ever Eve. I don’t have a blog post about that one as I decided to do this after I’d sent all of the Trend Send stuff back. I wasn’t sure about it when I pulled it out of the box, and when I tried it on I knew it wasn’t for me. It just didn’t fit right.

The second thing was a super cute burgundy top with shoulder cut-outs for $54. I tried it on with the gray and black pants – $98. I loved the outfit overall. The top is a bit thin, so I put a black camisole on under it. I really loved the pants but felt that I didn’t want to spend $100 on pants that I can’t wear in Minnesota until next May. They were too thin for winter.

Next came the gray vest for $68. I had asked for this vest when I saw it in this Instagram photo. However, when I tried it on it just didn’t fit right over my chest. I felt like the girls were being smooshed and the waist was too loose. I sent it back.

Lastly, I got a faux leather jacket for $158. I thought it was so cool, and I’ve always wanted a leather moto jacket. It smooshed the girls, too and had to be sent back. It was cropped and too tight across the chest.

All in all, this was a much less expensive experience than Trunk Club, but I liked the personalization of Trunk Club much more. Although, my stylist with Trunk Club didn’t really seem to get me and somehow, the faceless person at Stitch Fix did. Go figure.

The tally for my Fix was $54 and with the $20 styling fee already applied, my credit card was only charged $34. I am scheduled for another fix on the 12th of December. I sent my feedback on these pieces and the style of the Fix overall. I can’t wait to see what the next Fix will include!

Here are the photos for all that was in my Fix.


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