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I am an empath and it is back-breaking work sometimes.

I spend a lot of time in my own head seeing things from all sides and trying to make sense of it - like I do when I'm getting ready in the morning. You know how you put something on and stand in front of the mirror - you turn left, then right, then turn around to see what you look like from all angles. My empathy is like that.

It's a constant carousel of putting myself in someone else's shoes.

Whether the shoes are cute or not, I'm putting them on, lacing them up, strutting around a little bit in front of the mirror. Trying them on to see how I like them, how they fit, and how they feel.

Sometimes the shoes are just awful, terribly uncomfortable, or hideous and I take them off quickly and throw them away. I know right away these are not the shoes for me. They are your grandma's out-dated loafers built on things like racism, homophobia, and sexism.

When I'm wearing those old loafers I feel heavy and unhappy. I feel like I can't walk a step, let alone a mile in those shoes. They are out of style, ill-fitting, and terribly ugly. The sole has started rotting and the heel is worn down so much that you can see my foot has become dirty from being in close proximity to the ground. I am literally walking in dirt.

But then I try on other shoes and I feel so happy and full of love!

Those shoes are so cute and comfy I just have to wear them everywhere I go! I get compliments on how cute they are and I share where I found them. They are adorable sneakers or strappy wedges you can wear with anything. These are the ideals I believe in and am raising my kids to believe in - like the Golden Rule, being considerate of others, loving our fellow man, etc.

They lift me up and make me light on my feet! I am able to spread light and love to everyone because my soles are no longer dirty. I'm no longer walking on the dirty ground. When I'm wearing my well-made and timeless strappy sandal wedges, I am never waiting for the other shoe to drop. They fit me to a T and will never let me down.

My sneakers allow me to be on my feet all day and work hard at loving others. They make it so I can function in a world that seems as though it's full of hate. I can swiftly run away and hide or I can stand on the strong rubbery soles and fight with the only weapon I have at my disposal - my tender empath's heart.

My strappy wedges have me standing tall in my beliefs. My shoulders are back, my head is held high. I am able to share my love with the world because I have confidence that I am on the right path.

My slippers allow me to relax and be true to myself.

Sometimes being an empath is really hard on the feet. Trying on many kinds of shoes is back-breaking work, but knowing you're wearing the right pair is worth it.

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