Southern Charm With A Steel Spine

Kick-Ass Boots and Business Savvy: Unleash Your Inner Boss

Having been raised by her Grandma in the south, where sweet tea and gracious manners reign supreme, a force of nature is not-so-quietly revolutionizing the way women approach business. Brandy Eckman knows a thing or two about grace, grit, and getting things done. But beneath the sweet smile and charm lies a powerhouse businesswoman, ready to guide you from sugar coated politeness to strategic success.

She's a smart, Southern woman (living in the Midwest for the love of a good man) who embodies the paradoxical beauty of being both kind and unapologetic, a business coach who guides women to navigate the complexities of life without sacrificing their self-worth or compromising their values.

Forget the hustle-and-burn culture. Instead, she advocates for a balanced approach, one that prioritizes compassion and understanding - Brandy's philosophy is built on intentional action, empowered choices, and unwavering self-worth. She believes true success comes from building a thriving business on your own terms, providing a rock-solid foundation to that business, and life in general.

In a world that often expects women to prioritize the needs and feelings of others at the expense of their own, or pits us against each other, Brandy offers a refreshing perspective. She isn't about tearing down others or fostering a culture of hostility. She reminds women that business IS personal, and we need to support each other through every step of our lives.

Brandy is not just a business coach; she's a cheerleader, a confidante, and a beacon of hope for women seeking to break free from patterns of self-sacrifice and embrace a life of empowerment and self-worth. She's a testament to the fact that Southern charm and strength can coexist, creating a powerful force for positive change in the lives of women everywhere. As such, she collects friends everywhere she goes, bringing them into her bad-ass girl gang.

Brandy with her husband Joel and their children Jamie and Riley.

Brandy with her husband Joel, their son Jamie,
and their daughter Riley.


  • Setting boundaries not just with family, friends, and clients, but with time, energy, and expectations.
  • Building a business that reflects your values, not someone else's definition of "boss lady."
  • Delegating, prioritizing, and saying "no" without guilt or apology.
  • Leaving the doormat behind and stepping into the CEO's corner office (with a killer pair of boots, of course).

Brandy is your secret weapon:

  • Strategic Coach: She'll help you craft a roadmap to your business goals, one that aligns with your passions and priorities.
  • Mindset Mentor: Ditch the self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Brandy will empower you to believe in your brilliance and own your success.
  • Time Management Master: Learn to work smarter, not harder, and reclaim your precious time for what truly matters.
  • Southern Sass Strategist: Because let's face it, a little charm, and a lot of backbone go a long way in the business world.

With Brandy by your side, you'll:

  • Build a thriving business you love.
  • Lead with confidence and grace.
  • Set boundaries that empower, not isolate.
  • Embrace your authentic Southern style, minus the doormat tendencies.

Ready to ditch the sugar coating and step into your power?

Click the button below to schedule your free consultation and unleash the unstoppable force of YOU.

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