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I believe that women are amazing creatures, with perfectly imperfect gifts.

We have a specific purpose to do good things in this world - to bring forth life in all ways and to nurture everything we touch. We are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, bosses, caretakers, lovers, advocates, teachers, and so much more.

This is a safe space where all are welcome. You are loved. You are enough. You will never be alone. And you will never be judged for doing your best to get through this crazy life.

When we stick together and help our fellow (wo)man, amazing things happen. I'm glad you're here.

Autism in My Home

By Brandy | April 4, 2018

Autism Awareness Month is every day for me April is National Autism Awareness month and while I celebrate Autism Awareness every day, I thought it would be nice to share with all of you what Autism means to my family. My son, Jamie, is almost 16 years old. He was born 5.5 weeks early and…

Tweenagers: The Talk and Period Preparation

By Brandy | March 23, 2018

Let’s talk about sex, baby. I am a firm believer in telling our kids the truth, minus the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy – but that’s a blog for another day. So when my daughter started asking questions at age 5 about where babies came from, we told her just enough to…

Minnesota Winter Lasts Forever

By Brandy | March 4, 2018

Well, it’s negative 10 degrees today in the Twin Cities and Mama is just about over this freakin’ cold. Okay, I’m seriously over it. I won’t lie, it has done a number on my psyche this year. (Currently, I am not earning anything off the links I am supplying here. These are not affiliate links.)

Finding My Voice

By Brandy | February 22, 2018

I have spent the last few years trying to not offend anyone because I was taught to have manners. But I have come to realize that I have a voice and opinions and beliefs that God put in me to share. So I’m going to do just that from now on. I haven’t been my…

Big Boobs: Bras That Fit and a ThirdLove Review

By Brandy | February 20, 2018

If you’re like me, you’re a woman who has searched her entire life for the best fitting bra. Well, maybe not your entire life, but certainly since you started buying your own bras, not the training bras your Mama bought you. I know that you’ve probably been inundated with the ThirdLove bra ads on social…

Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Brandy | January 27, 2018

I’ve often been told I’m too much. Too loud, too overbearing, too mean. I tell it like it is, frequently. I don’t necessarily try to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am too old to pussyfoot around what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m calling this my #yearoftruth and I’m not afraid to call people out on…

The Mama Meltdown

By Brandy | January 26, 2018

I recently had a Mama Meltdown. You know the kind. You’re stressed. You’re under pressure from the day and one tiny little thing just sets you off. For me, it was my adult-sized son pooping in his pants. He didn’t make a huge mess. It certainly could’ve been worse but the code brown, while I…

Tips for Air Travel With Kids and Kids With Special Needs

By Brandy | January 11, 2018

We are traveling again. Soon, our family of four will be packing up and heading out to a family wedding. This entails us (me) packing for four people, planning the dog’s stay at Grandma’s house while we’re gone, and of course, making all of the travel arrangements. The hubs tries to help, but honestly, he’s…

Saying No Hurts No One

By Brandy | December 15, 2017

Why I Limit My Children’s Schedules I met up with a friend of mine the other day and she was so exhausted. She looked completely wiped out and said she was just run down. I couldn’t help but notice that she had bags under her eyes and looked really exhausted. I was and still am…

Family Guilt Trips

By Brandy | October 24, 2017

A Family Trip I Don’t Enjoy Sometimes, family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, I absolutely LOVE my family. I would do anything for my husband, kids, sister, brother, the in-laws, nieces, and nephews. This includes the family I’ve chosen for myself, the friends who are family, or framily. But there are…

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