I recently purchased the Panache Cari Spacer bra for wearing under tee-shirts as its billed. I bought the champagne color and I thought it would be a great bra for this purpose.

I anxiously awaited its arrival.

Living in Florida, I need a light-weight bra that doesn't have seams and is perfect to wear under shirts and blouses, especially during the summer months. It is lightweight and breathable, has hook and eye closures, and allows for a natural shape.

As you can see from the photos, it is nearly a perfect fit. The gore of the bra rests securely against my breast bone and the band is wide enough to not cause bumps under my clothing. The band is tight enough that it provides the majority of the support my breasts need and doesn't ride up because it is the right size. The straps will not slip down my arm as they are adjusted to the right length.

Issues & Results

My only issue with this bra overall is that it is only lightly lined, meaning that any cold day or cold office will be nipple-city, population me. I don't normally care about that aspect, but some of my readers may and so that is something I like to bring attention to if you plan to purchase this bra.

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