As we are wont to do, we are moving again.

Amelia Island, Florida

Our family is moving back to the Sunshine State this summer! We are super excited to be back in the land of beaches, Mickey & Minnie, swamps, gators, Spanish moss, creepy crawly bugs, and lots of family.

It’s been 11 long years since we’ve lived in Florida, so we are ready to get back to our roots. It’s where Joel and I fell in love, married, bought our first house, several cars, and had our two beautiful babies. We are looking forward to enjoying our coffee each morning on the pool deck and watching our kids blossom.

Florida is under my skin. I have been away far too long. I miss the lazy summer days. The heat that is overwhelming and takes your breath away. The instant frizz of my hair when I walk out my front door. My skin sticking to the car seat and parking in the shade even if it’s a mile away rather than a spot as close as I can get to the store. I spent 32 years in Florida and it will always be home to me.

Here’s to Joel becoming the new Florida Man. Well, I hope not, but you never know. That heat can make you do crazy things!

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