Some say it shouldn’t be done and to those fuddy-duddies, I say, “GTFOH with that negativity”.

Mixing patterns is so much fun! Check out the stripes and camouflage I mixed below. I love that the stripes are just light enough that my shirt is neutral and allows the camo to be the center of attention on this outfit.

I’m a huge fan of cute tops with details and this one doesn’t disappoint. I like comfortable fashion. I’m a busy mom, and I run a company. I need to be comfortable enough to move around and presentable enough that if a client walks in the door at work, I’m not embarrassed by how I’m seen. The earrings I’m wearing are from Nickel & Suede and if you love the look, the light leather is amazing and so cute to pair with anything! I have about 15 different pairs of these earrings and they are my go-to for any type of event. I put my socks in this post as well because while it’s almost Spring everywhere else, it’s still winter here in Minnesota. Smartwool socks are the shit.

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What I wore:

Camo Jacket

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