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I believe that women are amazing creatures, breathed into existence by the One.

We have a specific purpose to do good things in this world. To bring forth life in all ways and to nurture everything we touch. We are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, bosses, caretakers, lovers, advocates, teachers, and so much more.

This is a safe space where all are welcome. You are loved. You are enough.

My Mother Was Stolen

By Brandy | October 10, 2017

Our lives changed the day she got her diagnosis. I wasn’t so young that I wasn’t aware of what it meant, but I was quite certain she would beat it. A young girl of 16 doesn’t see death coming. I was more interested in boys, friends, and band. I wasn’t worried about my mom. She…

Why I’m Glad My Child Questions Authority

By Brandy | September 28, 2017

One of my children has special needs. One of my children does not. Ri is completely neurotypical and goes through everything 10-year-old girls do. Because my kids are so developmentally different, I struggle to parent my youngest without losing my patience. I find that with my oldest, Jamie, I have an infinite amount of patience…

Dads Are Superheroes Too

By Brandy | September 22, 2017

Dads of kids with special needs are often forgotten in the special family dynamic. I’m lucky enough to know several fathers of amazing kids with special needs. These dads are the best of the best. They go above and beyond typical parenting. Just like moms of kids with special needs, the dads have extraordinary jobs put…

Assessments: Heartache for Moms

By Brandy | September 20, 2017

New School, New Assessments Two weeks ago, Jamie started at his new school, bringing along a whole slew of issues that we have faced in the past and are pretty much used to. For instance, there is always the phone call from the nurse asking all sorts of questions about his health history and how…

Finding Your Mom Tribe

By Brandy | September 15, 2017

What is a Mom Tribe, anyway? And how do I find one? Well, a Mom Tribe is a group of women who count on each other; whether it’s sharing the carpool duty for after-school activities, bus stop hovering, helping out when one of the group is sick, and just generally being a shoulder to lean…

Kut From the Kloth Jeans Are My BFF

By Brandy | September 12, 2017

My intentions are to do one or two of these style posts a week, but you know what they say about intentions and the road to Hell. Because I’m a bit of a hot mess some days (most days), you may have to disregard the mess in the backgrounds of my photos. I’m not one…

How To Not Be an A-hole

By Brandy | August 29, 2017

I’ve had it. I’ve completely had it up to here with people making lists of things not to do or say to other people. “How Not to Be an Asshole to Pregnant Women”, “How Not to Be an Asshole to Teachers”, etc. Why is this a thing? Why do people need a breakdown of how…

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

By Brandy | August 7, 2017

The Overwhelming Moments of Motherhood Most days I feel like I have it together…pretty much. I get up, get my kids ready for school with the help of my awesome husband, get breakfast ready, make the coffee, get myself ready for work, and send everyone off for their busy days. I’m no different than millions…

Back to School Time

By Brandy | July 26, 2017

Oh, Summer. That fleeting time where it’s warm and sunny and the need for sunblock and bug spray abounds. Before you know it, the kids are heading back to school and I don’t know about you, but I’m happy about that. I love when my kids are home and we get to do fun stuff…

4 Hours Shopping

By Brandy | July 24, 2017

I went shopping the other day. Without the kids. I was out of the house for about 4 hours and it. was. glorious. Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my children, and I love spending time with them. But a mama needs some retail therapy now and again. Y’all know it’s true. So,…

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